1.  How can I get additional information about the services that you offer?

ANSWER:  Contact a SYTECH representative at any of the following numbers:

                    (714) 288-0252 / Office ( 9:00 am to 5:00 pm / M-F)

                    (714) 288-0141 / FAX  (24 hours / day)

                    RFletcher@sytechservices.com (24 hours / day)


2.  How do you determine costs for services provided?

ANSWER:  Costs are determined on a bid/proposal (lump sum) authorization, by referring to the current SYTECH Billing Rate Sheet, or on a Time and Material (T/M) basis.


3. Will SYTECH use sub-contractors during the course of project completion?

ANSWER:  YES; If the particular project requires specific skills / knowledge found outside the capabilities of SYTECH's services.

SYTECH is a California Registered / Bonded / Insured GENERAL ENGINEERING CONTRACTOR (A License) and as such will typically bring in other specialty contractors to perform project specific tasks while under the oversight / project management of a SYTECH Representative.


4.  How do I pay for services provided by SYTECH?

ANSWER:  SYTECH will invoice clients on a NET 30 Basis. Exception to this rule is for projects that require an initial down payment (10% of project cost / not to exceed $1,000.00), or for those clients that have habitually failed to pay past invoices on-time. These clients will be required to provide full payment upon completion of work tasks (COD).

A discount of 2% off the invoice total amount billed is offered for payment of invoices in NET 15 or less.

SYTECH does accept Credit Cards for payment of services provided.