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SYTECH Environmental Services, Inc.  : 

SYTECH is a privately owned Small Business Corporation providing Professional Environmental, Safety & General Engineering Construction Services.

Starting in 1995, we have expanded our California client base to include Governmental Agencies, Commercial & Industrial Businesses, Real Estate Developers, Lenders, and Private Party Purchasers.

Our California " Registered Environmental Assessors " (REA), " Certified Environmental Inspectors " (CEI) and " Certified Environmental Specialists " (CES) have over 25 years experience is various aspects of environmental chemistry, site investigations, soil and water sampling protocols, engineering principles, safety awareness, training , waste management, and construction activities.

SYTECH is licensed in the State of California as an "A" Licensed General Engineering Contractor, with additional Certifications for Hazardous Substances (HAZ), Asbestos (ASB), and Home Improvement Contracts (HIC).

SYTECH has extensive experience in  water, wastewater, storm water, and industrial wastewater activities, and currently holds California Grade II - Water Treatment Plant License, a California Grade I - Wastewater Treatment Plant License, and a California Grade I - Mechanical Technologist License. 

SYTECH is an active member of the "California Water Environmental Association" (WEA), and the "Environmental Assessment Association" (EAA).